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Meet the Author: Molly Hamm

Meet the Author: Molly Hamm

The Face Behind the Name

I’m a young professional working as the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Coordinator for an educational non-profit in the Dominican Republic. My work is fueled by small tragos of coffee with spoonfuls of sugar, mangos pulled from a neighbor’s tree, the sound of motorcycles and bachata, and the generosity and collaboration of community members along the country’s North Coast. I manage the organization’s monitoring and evaluation systems, assist with grant writing and strategic planning, and oversee research projects all while providing technical assistance and program oversight to various organizational initiatives in education, health, workforce development, and documentation. I’m a self-described lifelong learner and can be found schlepping program evaluation paperbacks to read on the beach. I aim to maintain the elusive work-life balance by attending techno spinning classes, running alongside crashing waves at sunset (sounds more romantic than it is–running on sand is hard!), and enjoying the occasional mojito.

If you’re interested in my professional credentials, check them out here.

What to Expect: Learning Culture’s raison d’être

Good answers begin with interesting questions.  Questions come in all shapes and sizes, in all colors of the rainbow. The questions we choose to ask–and the questions we are afraid to ask–shape future possibilities. Questions are influenced by context and perspective. By personal interest and politics. By who and where we are. And by who and where we want to be as individuals, organizations, projects and programs, governments, and global communities. This blog details my journey of asking questions. All questions are not created equal. My journey is one of identifying the right questions–the questions that will help me and others make smart decisions based on available information. It’s a journey of learning, of building learning cultures, and learning through culture. After all, context matters. Especially so when it comes to monitoring and evaluation in international and cross-cultural contexts. I welcome you to join me on this journey of asking and answering important questions. The best questions are often built collaboratively–so let’s get started!

My thinking place.

My thinking place.


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